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What you need to know about Second Chance


Tips to make the most of this conversion increasing tool.

Second Chance is not a new MultiSafepay tool, but it is one of the most popular ones.When you enable Second Chance in MultiSafepay Control, customers who abandon their transaction in your online shop automatically receive an email. The Second Chance email contains a payment link that will lead the customer back to the point where they left the payment process.


What is Second Chance?

Second Chance is a conversion increasing tool to help you win back part of the transactions in your online shop which have not been completed. Your customer receive an email containing a payment link that will lead them back to the point where the transaction was abandoned. With just a few clicks, your customer now has the opportunity to complete the initiated purchase.


Why Second Chance?

With Second Chance you can increase conversion rates by up to 35 percent. This will potentially increase your revenue, without requiring any additional work. Additionally, it is a great way to bring down the number of abandoned shopping carts in your online shop (which is a common problem for online shops). It also provides your customers with an additional service because they can resume the payment process without having to repeat any steps previously completed.


How many Second Chance emails will my customers receive?

In the 24 hours after your customer left the payment process without completing their purchase, they will receive two emails, one email an hour after abandoning the payment and another after 24 hours.



The Second Chance e-mail you send can be completely customized to match the ‘look and feel’ of your online shop by adding logos, fonts, etc. We highly recommend you customize your emails: your customer will be more inclined to click on the payment link if they recognize and trust your brand.



Do you have any questions about Second Chance? Contact our Support or your personal account manager.