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Shopping Cart Abandonment


How to limit the number of abandoned carts in your online shop.

Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem in online shops. In the past five years the number of abandoned shopping carts has increased by 15%. Every online shop has to deal with shopping cart abandonment.  A shopping cart may be abandoned for a number of reasons, but there are ways to decrease the number of abandoned carts. We have listed the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment and offer tips to prevent it.  

1. Enable Second Chance

Shopping cart abandonment is online window shopping for some: you may have a daily number of visitors on your website killing time by sniffing through your online products. There are also visitors with every intention of purchasing products that end up cancelling their order, e.g. because they do not have the time. By enabling Second Chance in your MultiSafepay account you can recover the transactions initiated by these visitors. When Second Chance is enabled, your customer will receive an email with a payment link so that they may complete the order they initiated. The payment link redirects to where the customer left off so that they do not have to repeat the entire payment process. 

2. Clearly define your shipping dates and fees 

Most online shoppers will feel a slight jolt of shock when they have just finished stuffing their shopping cart full of stuff only to see the amount due rise when shipping fees are charged to the total. This is the point where the online shopper is most likely to (reluctantly) abandon his/her shopping cart. When it comes to your shipping process and any additional shipping fees, honesty is the best policy. Including estimated shipping dates will also score you points. 

3. Consider free shipping

If you can swing it, free shipping a great way to instantly boost your conversion rates. Online shoppers love free shipping and is even inclined to spend more money if there are no shipping fees. Carefully way your options in order to determine if free shipping is an option for your website.  

4. Add payment options and ensure a nice checkout process 

It sounds so simple, but offering a wide range of payment options will help you limit shopping cart abandonment. Online shoppers are more privacy-savvy than they used to be and tend to be more trusting if they can pay for their purchases using a payment method they know and trust.  This way the customer will feel like they have some control over the process. 

A seamless checkout experience is just as important. Check your online forms to make sure you only ask customers for relevant information and pay attention to your payment pages. By monitoring and understanding the customer journey on your website will bring you closer to your customers and will restore and build customer trust. 

5. Do not overcomplicate things for your customers 

There are a number of smart features you can use to simplify the ordering process on your website. A good example is the 'Keep cart alive'-option. This feature saves a customer's shopping cart, even if he/she is already has initiated the payment process but decides to return to another page to add something else. Saving a shopping cart for a longer period of time, so that the customer can return a day later to pay for their products, is another feature worth considering. These features are included in our plugins. 

Do you have questions about these tips? Contact us or discuss them with your account manager.