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Mobile commerce doubles in just 12 months

Sales via m-commerce continue to grow and will amount to approximately €1.2 billion this year. The number of mobile buyers also continues to increase....

05 Nov 2013

iDEAL removes support for versions before 3.3

As of today iDEAL only supports the version 3.3 and later of the online payment system. The payment standard is modified in the context of the Single...

01 Aug 2013

Tablet sales rise to 7000 per day

In the first six months of 2013 1.3 million new tablets were sold. That's more than 7,000 per day!

20 Jul 2013

Belgian Shoppers flock to the Netherlands

Nearly 40% of all Belgians who placed orders at international web shops chose to do so from Dutch websites. This added an estimated €300 to €400...

18 Jul 2013

Meet Magento 2013

Come along this year for a chance to meet the founders of Magento, Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner. This is the first time either of the founders will be...

16 Jul 2013

EU Cookie law eased

The Minister of Economic Affairs will adjust the so-called cookie law. Soon internet users will no longer need to provide permission for the use of...

26 May 2013

Netherlands leads the field of m-commerce

Dutch consumers lead the way when it comes to mobile shopping. In the Netherlands the M-Commerce share of online revenue grew 419% in the last quarter...

19 Feb 2013