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EU: Stimulate Cross Border Sales

Earlier this month, the European Commission announced its plans to launch a website containing all international delivery rates. The Commission...

30 Jun 2017

Steps made to protect buyers digital products

The European Union wants to implement buyer protection that applies to digital products. The initiative is part of the larger plan of creating a...

30 Jun 2017

MultiSafepay: Styling your new payment pages

In order to offer your customers the best possible online shopping experience, it is important to consider your payment pages. Payment pages are...

21 Jun 2017

MultiSafepay: 'More than 48% of Magento users is interested in their own app'

Large companies like Amazon or Zalando already have their own apps, but a large number of SMEs have also expressed an interest in releasing a...

11 May 2016

MultiSafepay adds new integration option with Shopify

MultiSafepay, one of the best PSP’s in the Netherlands, has been working with Shopify since this Spring. Shopify is the leading cloud-based,...

26 Apr 2016

MultiSafepay listed as one of the best Payment Service Providers of 2016

MultiSafepay named one of the best Payment Service Providers in the Netherlands in Emerce Top 100 of 2016.

12 Apr 2016

What is Tokenization

Tokenization is generally used for credit card payments. Completing a credit card payment can be a long process of filling in payment and contact...

23 Feb 2016

New EU requirements for order buttons

Is your web shop compliant with the new EU requirements for ordering and payment buttons?

09 Oct 2014

ING launches mobile friendly iDEAL

Following last weeks report that Rabobank customers can now expect an optimized mobile payment experience ING announced that it's customers will also...

16 Jul 2014

New EU Legislation for Webshops

Is your shop prepared for the new European legislation? We discuss some of the most important changes and what you need to know.

23 Apr 2014