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New EU Legislation for Webshops

04/23/2014 Industry news

Is your shop prepared for the new European legislation? We discuss some of the most important changes and what you need to know.

Is your shop already prepared for the new European legislation?

From June 2014 every web shop must comply with the European Consumer Rights Directive. Consumers across Europe will soon have the same rights when it comes to distance selling. Is your shop prepared for this? We have put together a number of notable changes for you to be aware of.

Consideration deadline extended

The reflection period in which the consumer can, without reason, return an online purchase will be extended from 7 days to 14 calendar days. For products that can not be return, such as e-books or apps, the consumer must explicitly declare that they are aware that the purchase agreement can not be revoked.

Term of refund shortens

The period is shortened for merchants to process a to get a refund for the purchase price of a returned product. Previously merchants had 30 days. This time frame will be reduced to 14 days. However, you may wait until you receive the returned product before you process the refund.

Passing on payment costs to consumers

The cost of using a particular payment method is sometimes passed on to the consumer. Sometimes merchants have passed on costs greater than those incurred. The new law states that only the actual cost of the payment may be passed on.