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MultiSafepay: Named best payment provider 2 years in a row


'We have a long innovation track record’

MultiSafepay is a top 3 Payment Service Provider in the Netherlands. The company sets itself apart from competitors by developing their own payment products. One example is Qwindo; an app which brings merchants and consumers together on one platform against reasonable prices. 

MultiSafepay offers online shops a complete range of online and mobile payment solutions. ‘We have more than 15.000 customers’, says Sales Manager Frank Rengenhart. ‘We are a strong player in the SME segment and also draw in larger international companies.’ The company, which was founded in 1999, offers payment methods but also develops its own payment products which contribute to an increase in conversion rates. ‘MultiSafepay is driven by innovation,’ according to Rengenhart. ‘With Pay after Delivery we are the only Payment Service Provider to develop its own billing solution. With E-Invoicing, we give merchants all the tools they need to set up and manage their own electronic invoicing and payment collection. We’re one of the only payment providers to build our own plugins, which allow our merchants to easily integrate one of our many e-commerce plugins. This means that we can move quickly when any questions arise and that we can contact developers quickly.’



Recently, MultiSafepay announced the development of a native mobile shopping app: Qwindo. ‘We developed this app to help our merchants compete with large online market places against competitive fees,’ COO Max Verduyn explains. ‘A lot of our merchants list products on (a Dutch online warehouse and market place) against high fees. These fees can mount up to 27%. These market places have a privileged position. If the product doesn’t sell, they do not run any risks in terms of stock. If it does sell, they can offer the product themselves and compete with these merchants on their own platform.’ Thanks to Qwindo, this problem is a thing of the past. ‘The product information that is shared in the app cannot be found in search engine results, which means that you’re not competing with your own website and/or product,’ Verduyn adds. ‘Qwindo increases sales in its own mobile warehouse app and pulls in new consumers for online shops.’ 



The greatest advantage? Additional sales for the merchant on a mobile channel which doesn’t compete with the merchant’s own marketing efforts. Additionally, the rates are far lower than those of other online market places. MultiSafepay processes all orders via the payment platform, so that there is no difference in the workflow. This allows merchants to automatically load stock and content. Additionally, each new user of Qwindo receives a 5 euro discount on their first purchase. On top of this, an additional 5 euros is awarded for each new user of Qwindo invited by the original user. Verduyn: ‘With Qwindo, we are going to help SMEs to structurally realize more sales in their online shop.’ 

This article was published in a special edition of Emerce magazine (April 2017)