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MultiSafepay launches E-Invoicing: customizable payment solution


Payment Service Provider MultiSafepay has launched a new payment solution for the Dutch and Belgian market: E-Invoicing. This payment method allows purchasers to ‘buy now and pay later’ and is an answer to mounting requests for a fully customizable online payment solution. A number of online shops in the Netherlands, including, have been using E-Invoicing in a pilot for some months now. Eccellente is happy with the results: ‘We decide how and when we send payment requests to our customers, which saves us time and makes our customer interaction that much more personal’, says owner Dirk Jan Pheifer.

As opposed to alternate ‘pay after’ billing solutions, such as Pay after Delivery and Klarna, E-Invoicing does not include debt collection services. It is up to the merchant to set up the entire payment process. The merchant decides whose payments are accepted and how and when a payment request and any reminders are sent. Payment requests can be sent in emails, text messages, and paper invoices.


The ‘timeline’ with payment requests can be uniquely segmented by client group. Additionally, you can choose which payment methods are made available to your customer to complete the payment. E-Invoicing is perfect for merchants who want to manage their own payment process in its entirety. 



‘Payment method for the online perfectionist’ 

MultiSafepay is proud of the launch of E-Invoicing, but according to Product Manager Rick Bergsma, this billing solution will not replace the others. He expects that most online shops will want keep using the existing billing solutions, such as Pay after Delivery or Klarna. “Those solutions are optimized to offer carefree billing services designed for the best conversion rates and customer experience. The majority of online entrepreneurs focuses on their product, customer service, and online marketing. But some of these merchants are also keen to dive into the entire payment process.”


And that is exactly what MultiSafepay offers these merchants with E-Invoicing. If you want more flexibility - or if you are active in a market where existing billing solutions are not a perfect fit - then E-Invoicing gives you more to work with. Rick Bergsma expects that B2B businesses and internationals will be particularly interested in E-Invoicing.


After the rise in popularity of billing solutions, the B2B e-commerce market is moving toward consumer terms and conditions, thinks Bergsma. “In B2B it is already common practice to work on invoicing, but there were suprisingly few solutions in place for this sector.”


Also in Belgium, where decent credit checks are difficult due to the current laws and regulations, he sees a great deal of opportunities. “E-Invoicing offers by far the most broadly implementable solution so that every market and branch will be interested in it as long as the merchant has the desire to be in complete control. MultiSafepay wants to offer all payment methods in a way that the merchant wishes. With E-Invoicing we are getting close to that point with regards to billing solutions.”