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MultiSafepay launches Dotpay


Dotpay is one of the largest Payment Service Providers of Poland. The online market in Poland is made up of various small, local banking products. MultiSafepay has decided to collaborate with Dotpay in order to provide these local payment methods without having to connect each local provider seperately. By adding Dotpay to your payment gateway you can access dozens of local payment products directly. 

Dotpay is an excellent addition to your checkout if you are active on the Polish (online) market. E-commerce in Poland is on the rise; online sales in 2015 peaked at 6.54 billion euros and sales are expected to further increase this year. 

Dotpay works as follows: consumers select Dotpay during the payment process and choose their bank on the MultiSafepay payment page, after which the consumer is redirected to their banking environment to complete the payment. Dotpay is a guaranteed payment method, which means there is no risk of chargebacks. Refunds can be performed using MultiSafepay Control.

If you want to add Dotpay to your online checkout you can request the payment method by contacting us. Dotpay will perform a small check, after which the merchant will receive his/her own connection number. Finally the Dotpay gateway will be enabled and payments can be processed. Funds will be made available in your own Merchant Account.

You can already implement Dotpay with XML API or JSON API. The extensions for WOOcommerce and Magento will be released soon. Check our website, the newsletter, and social media for any announcements. If you do not have an API or plugin that already supports Dotpay but you still want to add it to your checkout, please contact us. 

If you already have a MultiSafepay Merchant Account, please contact our international Sales department or your account manager for more information.