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Considerable increase mobile payments throughout Europe


The number of Europeans who use a smart phone, tablet, or wearable for (online) payments has tripled this year. That is the conclusion of the 2016 Digital Payments Study compiled by VISA Europe. More than 36,000 online consumers were surveyed by VISA in 19 European countries. The number of mobile payments this year increased by 35 percent compared to 2015 (18 percent). 

In Turkey, which is considered a developing market, 91 percent of online consumers indicated they use a mobile device regularly. This puts Turkey in the lead as the European country with the highest proportion of mobile payments. Denmark is in second place (89 percent), followed closely by Norway (87 percent).


Belgians have embraced mobile payments

In Belgium, 75 percent of online consumers regularly use a mobile device for payments, putting them in tenth place. Around 40 percent of the Belgian online consumers use their mobile device for large, one-time purchases (e.g. airplane tickets, furniture); about 45 percent indicated they also use their mobile device for small purchases (e.g. train tickets).


Mobile payments in the Netherlands: 74 percent

In the Netherlands, 74 percent of online consumers use a mobile device. The majority uses a mobile device for take-out (48 percent). Additionally, Dutch consumers are more inclined to use a smart phone or tablet for large/expensive purchases (45 percent) compared to Belgian consumers.


Mobile banking increasingly popular in every age group

Mobile banking is on the rise in Europe. The largest age group to use a mobile banking is Generation Y (roughly born between 1977-1994): 68 percent of online consumers in this category use their mobile device for banking on a regular basis. The highest growth rate (33 percent) in mobile banking was observed under 55-64 year-olds. 52 percent of consumers in that age group regularly turn to mobile banking.


Digital payments are becoming the new standard

According to VISA, the number of mobile payments will only increase over the course of the next few years. Payment products such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay will shift the balance in favor of mobile payments.