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Eleganza boards the PWA ride

PWA (Progressive Web App) is the latest technological development aimed to reach mobile customers. After mobile websites, dedicated apps, and...

21 Oct 2019

American Express, SafeKey

MultiSafepay launched a new security technology for American Express online transactions, the AMEX SafeKey. The security protocol is the American...

11 Sep 2019

Strong Customer Authentication & 3DS 2.0

As the payment industry is proceeding in taking steps towards the upcoming Strong Customer Authentication legislation, the European Banking...

10 Sep 2019

Automate your accountant export

MultiSafepay’s latest update to the MultiSafepay Control aims at improving your administration tasks. You can now, upon request, automate the delivery...

06 Sep 2019

There are new updates for Pay After Delivery

Pay After Delivery is MultiSafepay’s branded post pay solution. The payment method is fully developed by MultiSafepay and is powered by MultiFactor....

22 Jul 2019

Webwinkel Vakdagen 2019

The 13th edition of the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2019 was a great success again! More than 12.000 visitors convened over two days at the Jaarbeurs in...

30 Jan 2019

Meet Magento - 21 / 22 May 2014

Want to do more with your Magento? Visit Meet Magento 21 & May 22, 2014 in Utrecht.

09 Apr 2014