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Buy First, Pay Later


A 'Pay Later' payment product in your online shop is customer friendly and convenient. MultiSafepay has different 'Pay Later' solutions for different regions.

Pay after Delivery

Pay after Delivery is the most convenient ‘Pay Later’ option for Dutch consumers. This allows shoppers to review a product for up to 14 days before completing their payment. You get a full money guarantee, receiving the funds no later than thirty days. MultiSafepay’s friendly professionals will take care of the rest. This saves you time, money, and reduces the payment risk. 


Klarna is an international ‘Pay Later’ option currently supported in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. Klarna also offers a 14 day payment term for consumers. Customers complete payments via bank transfer, or iDEAL for Dutch shoppers. Klarna is also active in Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland). MultiSafepay will integrate the solution for these countries within the next upcoming months.


The latest addition to our 'Pay Later’ payment options. For those who want to have complete control over their ‘Pay Later’ process, E-Invoicing is the way to go. Schedule your own payment requests and manage your own risk. Unlike Pay After Delivery and Klarna, E-Invoicing can be used for B2C as well as B2B sales in the whole EU.


FeaturesPay after DeliveryKlarnaE-invoicing
Payment GuaranteedGuaranteedNot Guaranteed
Payment methodiDEAL, bank transferiDEAL, bank transferAll
Supported outside the NetherlandsNoYesYes

Do you have any questions about our 'Pay Later’ payment options? Contact us or discuss them with your account manager.