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7 Conversion Tips


Have I really made the most of my online store?

7 Conversion tips to optimize your website

Maybe you just launched an online store, or perhaps you have had one for years. The next logical step is to improve the online visibility of your website, right? Absolutely! But ask yourself (and be honest):

Have I made the most of my online store?


You can attract a large number of visitors by utilizing online marketing strategies. Online shoppers want instant gratification; if they cannot find what they are looking for on your website within a few clicks, they will leave. This is a waste of marketing efforts and your budget. This blog post contains a number of helpful tips that will help you achieve your goal: turning visitors into customers. Most of these tips may seem obvious. But however obvious these tips may seem, they are generally overlooked.  

Tip 1. Know your target group

Carefully consider who you are targeting with your online shop. Clearly define the problem that your product resolves for the visitor in a single glance. This way your potential customers immediately knows if he/she is on the right website.

Tip 2. Invest in a great homepage

The homepage is the online equivalent of a display case. The homepage generally attracts the most visitors. Therefore, it is important that your homepage offers the right balance between the following: 

• Brand experience

• Products

• Search and navigation options

• Content

Online shoppers hardly read and are extremely visually oriented. The decision whether or not to stay on the website is made within a matter of seconds. Offer a great brand experience by displaying images that are powerful, but which also showcase your range of products.  Special offers are also great triggers that visitors will be tempted to click on. Make sure images and pages load quickly; a website that takes a long time to load is killing for your conversion rates. 

Tip 3. Search and navigation options

You can help your customers find the products they are looking for by ensuring that you have a decent search engine and a clear website menu structure. Make sure that the search box and website menu are prominently placed on your website, and that they can always be found in the same place. Use internal links so you can directly lead customers to the most popular pages of your site.  Using internal links also has a positive impact on SEO. 

Tip 4. Content

A potential customer visits your website with certain expectations and a particular goal in mind. Make sure you predominantly use trigger words which the visitor expects/recognizes. The right words and images will reassure your visitor and trigger him/her to click on other pages. Remember to include other relevant information about the services you provide (i.e. location, shipping details, return policy, payment methods, etc.). 

Eventually your visitors will come across deeper and more detailed content. Consider the purpose of each individual website page. Make it clear to the visitor what this purpose is, e.g. to inform, for purchasing, or for contacting you. Ensure the readability of your content by providing information that is to-the-point and concise, and enhance this with paragraphs and visual headers. Limit the number of pages of your website as much as possible, make sure the writing is consistent, and avoid killing spelling errors. 

Tip 5. Mobile responsive

Mobile devices are gradually becoming the preferred tools for searching for products or information on the internet. Make sure that your website has a responsive design to accommodate this, so that visitors using a tablet or smartphone can easily find the products they are looking for in your online store. 

Tip 6. Finding the check-out

Has your visitor found a product he/she wants to purchase? Make sure you limit the number of clicks needed to reach the final checkout page where the actual payment takes place. Every extra step increases the chance that the customer will abandon the transaction without completing it.

Tip 7. Must do: the sitemap

An XML sitemap is an absolute must. A sitemap presents a clear overview of all the pages of your online store. This will help Google find and categorize all your pages. You can create a sitemap quite easily by using Google Webmaster. 

These 7 tips will help you fine-tune your website and increase your conversion. Would you like to receive more information about Tip 6 or would you like to know more about optimizing your online payments? Feel free to contact one of our friendly advisors by calling +31 20 8500 502 or email them via [email protected].