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35% Conversion Increase


FashionUnited | Monday 14 December 2015

2015 has turned out to be the year of the mobile user. An increasing number of online shops are shifting their focus to a mobile or responsive web design, something Google has made more or less mandatory since changing their algorithm earlier this year. If your website is not 'mobile friendly', your ranking will drop. Website owners who already anticipated the increasing role of mobile devices and applied a responsive design, will generate more traffic from smartphones and tablets. But how do you turn these visitors into customers? 42% of all smartphone users say they use their phone to find products, but only 34% uses their phone to actually complete an online transaction. Is this the digital equivalent of window shopping?

Online payment service provider MultiSafepay offers various solutions, such as Second Chance, to help increase conversion rates. The merchant can activate this tool in the MultiSafepay Dashboard, which will enable automated reminders by email. If a consumer is shopping online and suddenly abandons their shopping cart without completing the transaction, there a number of potential reasons for this - they do not have the time to complete the transaction, the internet connection is bad, or they prefer to complete the transaction on a different (handheld) device. When a consumer does not complete an online transaction and Second Chance is activated, the consumer will automatically receive an email with a payment link to remind them that they placed a product in their shopping cart. 

"Customers who activate the Second Chance option will see an increase in conversion rates of up to 35%. This conversion increasing tool is particularly popular in online fashion. The highest percentages are achieved by creating personalized emails that also include a discount code or free shipping," says Frank Rengenhart, Sales Manager Fashion. The first reminder is sent after an hour, the second reminder is sent after 24 hours. "Most people generally complete an initiated transaction within 24 hours. The purchase intention is at its highest within this time frame."

MultiSafepay also focuses on mobile payments. In order to limit the number of steps in the checkout process, the company invests a great deal in a quick and complete checkout. When completing a payment using the MultiSafepay app, for example, the customer is not redirected to a mobile website for the checkout process but rather remains within the app to complete a payment.