Pay in installments for your webshop

Pay in installments for your customers

Pay in installments:
convenient payment for your customers

MultiSafepay proudly presents the newest 
innovative collaboration with Santander in the field of online payments. Your customers can pay in installments for their purchase and reap benefit immediately. And the best thing is: as an online retailer, you run no risk!

Apply for Betaal per Maand

Advantages of Betaal per Maand Santander

Increase your stores' average order value

Payout guarantee within 5 working days

10-15% more revenue for your online store

Customers have the option to pay in installments

The customer can choose the repayment period from 12 to 72 months

The consumer can repay early without a fine

How does Betaal per Maand work for your customers?

For orders with a value from 250 up to and including 4.999 EUR, customers can easily apply for Betaal per Maand with Santander Consumer Finance by selecting Betaal per Maand in the checkout of your online store. The consumer can also choose the repayment duration (from 10 to a maximum of 72 months) for the loan.  

After the customer has made the request, Santander assesses whether the customer can borrow the specified amount. Once the loan has been approved, Santander will pay the purchase amount in full and the customer will begin paying Santander in monthly installments. In between, the customer always has the option to pay off the loan with any desired amount, without consequences.

Betaal per Maand gives your customers room to pay for their purchases. This enables more sales and a higher average order value. In addition, it is easy to reach new buyers with this customer-friendly payment solution.


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