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Progressive Web Applications

Everything you need to know about PWA

What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

To put it directly, a PWA is a website that comes with all the benefits that a dedicated mobile application would provide. PWAs will provide the end-user with a faster, more reliable and generally better optimized version of your webshop. Added benefit as opposed to a normal webpage is the fact that PWAs can also function offline.
By combining the capabilities of a website and a mobile application, PWAs create an immersive user experience; resulting in an increased conversion and user engagement rate.

What are the advantages of a PWA?

When looking at what PWAs have to offer, one generally finds the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
Have a look at what a PWA can do for your website below.


Deploy your ‘app’ without jumping through hoops

One of the key benefits is that PWAs work for every operating system; meaning you don’t have to (pay to) develop separate applications for iOS or Android.


Boost your conversion rate

Better user experience results in higher conversion rates


Improve your SEO.

PWAs are easier to index for Google crawlers, meaning you’ll be ranked higher when it comes to SEO


Engage users, even without internet access

The ability to work offline allows customers to interact with your content in situations where they don't have an active internet connection.


Upgrade your security

PWA applications use secure HTTPS connections and are made with open web technologies.


Decrease your page loading speed

PWA applications have a high speed of work both online and offline.


Offer the optimal experience

The simple and straightforward interaction you’ll be able to have with your website visitors, will elevate their experience significantly.


Easy installation for consumers

In one click, the application can be added to the home screen of the smartphone.

MultiSafepay & PWAs

Here at MultiSafepay, we’re proud to say that we’ve believed in the potential of PWAs since they were still in their infancy. Over the years we’ve dedicated our time and resources into ensuring that we’ve stayed on track when it comes to the development of PWA applications. As such, we’re now able to offer our merchants and partners various top-notch PWA integrations.

You’ll be able to make use of the MultiSafepay payment integrations for Magento 2 PWA solutions such as PWA StudioScandiPWA and Vue Storefront.

Curious to see what a PWA solution can add to your business?

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