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Ecommerce in Spain & Italy: considerable growth in 2016


Ecommerce is still booming in Europe, and Italy and Spain are no exception. Both countries saw numbers grow last year. Spain saw a growth of more than 20% in the second quarter of 2016, with more than 92 million online transactions processed, which is an increase of more than 33% compared to the same period in 2015. In Italy, last year’s ecommerce was worth an impressive 19,6 billion euros.


Ecommerce in Italy: Tourism on top

The most popular ecommerce category amongst Italians is still tourism: this category holds a share of 44% and grew another 10% last year. The runners up are consumer electronics and clothing. A notable fact is that Italians generally prefer purchasing services online, though product sales are increasing. The Italian ecommerce industry currently makes up 5% of the total Southern European retail industry. 

Approximately 75% of all online purchases in Italy are still done on a desktop or laptop. Mobile devices are steadily gaining ground, however, as 17% of all online purchases in 2016 were done using a smart phone. This accounts for an increase of 63%. Finally, 9% of online payments were completed using a tablet. 


Spanish consumers eager to buy from foreign online shops

Spanish ecommerce is less massive than in Italy, but shows great potential nonetheless. The online turnover in the second half of 2016 was worth almost 6 billion euros. As in Italy, travel agencies and tour operators hold the largest market share, followed by clothing. 

Noteworthy is the 55% of online sales took place on ecommerce websites outside of Spain. This demonstrates that Spanish online shoppers are very willing to consider foreign websites when making a purchase. 


Source: see original articles about Spain and Italy via Ecommerce News


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