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Magento 2 payments integration

Easily accept payments domestically and internationally through our ready-made Magento 2 integration.

Create a seamless payment experience in your checkout

Our plugin will allow you to finely tune your checkout to your consumers needs - boosting your conversion in the process.
All integrated through a few simple steps.


Build your own payment mix

Our integration comes with the options to include all the payment methods your consumer could possibly want, for example: Amex, Visa, Bancontact, iDEAL and Klarna, but also popular digital wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay.


In-house development

By owning our code, we are in full control of our product. No third parties.

Due to this, our integration is stronger and more flexible. We stand behind our code.

Credit card components

A fast checkout is a good checkout.

Through our checkout components you can integrate payment fields directly into your checkout, leading to a faster, more trustworthy checkout experience.

Certified support

Our Magento 2 integration is professionally supported by our very own certified Magento 2 Solution Specialist.

If you run into any problems, we have the knowledge in-house to help you.

Magento 2 Specific Features

Magento Vault

Magento Vault is Tokenization by Magento. Significantly enhance the safety of your checkout by storing related payment methods as a token in the Magento database. Facilitating a fast and secure checkout process for your returning customers.

Magento Instant Purchase

If your website visitor has several checks enabled (e.g. default billing/shipping address and payment method) they will be able to directly purchase a product from your catalogue, through an instant purchase button. Circumventing the checkout process entirely.

What we will do for you

Accept, manage and stimulate online sales with MultiSafepay

The right tools

Through several of our developed tools, you can boost the numbers of your business significantly. Tools such as Second Chance or our MultiSafepay Payment Links will allow you to recover key profits.


Carefree payments

As a collecting Payment Service Provider, you can rest easy knowing we will take care of the entire payment process. From the agreements to the technical details, to the payment collections - we've got you covered.  

Dedicated partnership

Our account managers are always available to help you. Through a pro-active approach, we believe that we can help each other succeed. By being inquisitive and solving problems, we'll remove barriers for you.


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