About MultiSafepay

Smart Payment Services

E-commerce is part of our DNA

Over 20 years of experience


At the very start of the Dutch e-commerce revolution in 1999, MultiSafepay was one of the pioneers in the industry serving the first online web shops in the Netherlands. With just a handful of developers, we started with the development of our MultiSafepay payment technology. Simplicity, transparency and service were, and still are, at the heart of everything we do.

Technology driven

With technological innovations and inventive products, we have brought smart payment control to the e-commerce industry. We continually strive to provide innovative and industry leading solutions and we are highly committed to quality.
"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." At MultiSafepay we don't see problems, we see opportunities to improve.

Focus on partnership

Our customers are the most important part of our business. Established companies as well as new web shops rely on our technology, which has allowed many start-ups to develop and become successful online businesses. We strongly believe in a partnership and are committed to investing time in the relationship with our customers, providing carefree online payment services.


Carefree payments

Collecting payment service provider

MultiSafepay is a collecting payment service provider which means we take care of the agreements, technical details and payment collection required for each payment method. You can start selling online today and manage all your transactions from one place.

Your trusted partner

Registered payment service provider

As a registered payment services provider in the Netherlands under supervision of the Dutch Central Bank, all funds are held in trust by "Stichting Derdengelden for MultiSafepay Internet Payments".

MultiSafepay B.V.  Chamber of Commerce: 34156361
VAT: NL8101.78.473.B.01 


The great thing about developing smart payment technology is helping online businesses to reach their full potential using simple, clever tools that have a significant impact on the business.

Olaf Geurs, CEO Multisafepay