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Limitless leading open source platform 


With over 54,000 customers ranging from start-up to enterprise, Shopware is Germany’s leading eCommerce platform. It’s not hard to imagine why: the company’s core product, Shopware 5, comes backed with a rich set of features to help you stand out from your competition and create individual consumer experiences that are exclusive to your brand.

Shopware plugin for MultiSafepay

It’s all about you:
Focused on the customer's success

Shopware’s out-of-the-box enterprise capabilities for content management, merchandising, segmentation and promotions allow you to focus on what’s important for your business and customers. With CMS features to help you bridge the gap between content and commerce, you can easily create personalised experiences that meet the demands of connected consumers. 

The freedom you need:
Unparalleled flexibility

100% open source, Shopware’s solution can be adapted to meet the unique requirements of your business. The system is regarded as one of the easiest to use on the market. Exclusive features like Shopping Worlds and Storytelling make it possible for you to customize elements in your shop using the simplicity of drag and drop.

No time to waste: Faster time-to-market

Shopware’s flexibility, best-of-breed enterprise features and modularity enable you to quickly implement your project and get your business running in relatively no time at all – a crucial factor in one of the fastest moving industries. 

Do more with your budget: Lower TCO

The cost to implement and maintain Shopware is the lowest of any other solution on the market. With Shopware, you'll be able to do more with your eCommerce budget than with any other platform. Shopware's extensibility, scalability and flexibility – not to mention complete access to the source code – give you absolute freedom when it comes to adapting the software to meet your individual requirements.  

Shopware Business Partners 

One of the Shopware’s strengths lies in its vibrant ecosystem, which includes over 1,200 business and technology partners. One Creations and Shopware have partnered to help take your online business to the next level.  


+ MultiSafepay advantages:

  • 100% open source, including internally developed plugins 
  • Free subshops
  • Flexible license models, ranging from Community to Enterprise  
  • Ease of generating product variations 
  • Great integrated search
  • Integrated plugin manager 
  • MultiSafepay 'Keep Cart Alive' function
  • Completely customisable 
  • No programming experience required to design your own storefront 
  • Optimized for mobile-end devices
  • Responsive templates 
  • Search eningine optimized (rated best in Germany)
  • Free MultiSafepay conversion increasing tools, including Second Chance
  • Extensive plugins available 
  • Reports & statistic functions inclusive 
  • Marketplace connection 
  • Multichannel support 
  • Multiple-client capabilities  
  • Multi-currency/language capabilities 
  • B2B / B2C 
  • Appropriate for every business model 
  • Highly scalable and suitable for cross border ecommerce

All Payment Methods

Accept local and international payment methods in your web shop with just one single contract. By offering the right mix of trusted payment methods you are guaranteed to increase conversion.

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